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Khamis, 17 Disember 2009

Tamiya Awesomeness!! OFF SETS!!

Assalamualaikum :)

Di sini ingin ku kongsikan sesuatu pasal kereta kawalan jauh menggelongsor ani atau lebih femes dikenali sebagai RC drfiting. No need to talk furtherlah what is RC drifting, tujuannya kah apa, kalau kan mau jua kiranya.. Sila tia unjar sendiri melalui sini.. RC Drifting.

Anyway, kalau kediaku kena tanya kenapa RC drifting? Malas tah kan jauh becereta dari pasal ku inda kesampaian main kereta banar, (kecuali dangan kan mau tau banar lah ah!) I would like to answer it like this, ITS HELL OF NON STOP FUN! In every way.

RC drifting as much as the real thing, other than going side or slide ways, its also about going side ways with style. Oh well, some people doesn't bother much about it but I do. Seperti tajuk di atas, this is about the awesomeness of Tamiya. I've been in RC drifting almost a year and half now, I haven't think of quiting the game because the adrenalin in me is still rushing and the wanted to win and to be satisfied hasn't stop and fulfilled yet (in drifting).

Bla bla yada yada, here goes. So far I've been playing and using 3 kinds of brands already which is Lighting, Yokomo and Tamiya. And so far, I've own 3 kinds of chasis from Tamiya which is TL-01, TT-01 (Hybrid E & D) and my most recent chassis is TB-03D. Tamiya.. Build for the tough? Depends and I tell you already tu ah!

Tamiya TL-01.

Tamiya TT-01

Tamiya TB-03D.

What I am going to talk about here is regarding of wheel off sets on 2 of my Tamiya chassis. Hehe! Sorry for the long read but for your info, this is one of the awesome thing about Tamiya. So far, I've owned 3 as you know and from all 3, I've found lots of amazing thing about Tamiya and this is one of the thing, which is about its off sets that you can use on Tamiya. One more thing. I am one of the Yokomo shell fan. So far, I've owned 2 shells from Yokomo which is the ORC 350z and lots of RSR Supra. Both of these shells are 194 to 195 mm in width.

The awesomeness is, when you're using shells from Yokomo comboed with wheels with <+6mm off sets onto a Tamiya, it'll look like deep dish wheels.. For 1:10 scale btw. Well.. That's the purpose of some of the wheels with bigger off sets are to make your car look awesome. And also to fill in the gap on your arches so that it won't look ugly (Nya urang kitani.. ATO CANDAS! Ataupun inda tetaing-taing, tingkai dan sebagainya). And seriously, this large/r off set ain't going to effect your game at all. Serious. One of my favorite brand for my wheels is HPI. They provide wheels with off set starting from 0mm to 9mm. Here's the thing, some drifters, especially new one, are cluless as they thought that, any wheel off set can fit in (of course yes) but usually disappoint them with the looks after the wheels installed. Satisfying? I don't think so.

Introducing my TT-01. Hybrid of E & D. Not originally Type ED. For your information, any TT-01 chassis track width are roughly 180mm. Combine it with wheels with larger off sets can make it more attractive.

Front wheel off set +6mm multiply it by two for both sides equals to 12mm. (2 wheels up front). Now, 12mm + 180mm = 192mm.

Now, my rear wheel off set is +9mm. Add this wheel together with the one with same off set (9mm X 2 or 9mm + 9mm) will equals to 18mm. Now, sum altogether with th chassis which is 180 + 18 = 198mm. The following pix will show you, how will it look like on a shell of a Yokomo with this off sets. Btw, all calculations are barely and roughly though hehe :P

Front wheel.

Rear wheel.

Right side of the car.

Left side of the car.

Left side view :)

Now we're moving on to TB-03D chassis. The width for this car is roughly 188mm. I am using the same previous shell which is the Yokomo Supra. I am using Blade wheels with front off set +7mm while rear is +10mm which is a little bit larger compared to the previous wheels.

Front left.

Rear left.

Front right.

Rear right.

Right view.

Left view.

Up full view.

Well, hope you guys see all that about the awesomeness. Unlike certain brands, you have to either install or modify or buy another separate item which can allow you to use a deeper off set. Sometimes it can cost more or otherwise ruining/damaging your chassis for those who wanted to DIY in order to get the deeper off set. I know it sometimes worth doing but for some not but as long as you're happy with it :)

Okay, so what's the big deal about this thing? Some might still have no idea what's this shit all about. Here goes, I used to have a Yokomo MR4TC Drift package. This is just an example which is the chassis track width is 190. Most of Yokomo wheels are +4mm off set and their largest off set is +12mm. Here's a few pictures of my Yokomo with their own brand wheels. Both front and rear wheels are Yokomo +4mm wheels. Let the pictures do the talking :)

Hope that explains already and helps alot in getting the right off sets. First thing first get to know your chassis especially the width, second, get to know your body shell and lastly get the rough calculation and estimation of the wheels that you really need for your shells :) Good luck.

The awesome thing about Tamiya is.. Its just simply awesome. have a great day all.